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Larger and heavier breasts than normal may cause painful strain on shoulder, neck and back; deformities of neck and back, shoulder indentations, skin irritations and a variety of other medical problems along side with
disfigurement of body. Breast reduction surgery is sought by many women to relieve the physical restrictions and such complaints.
Surgical technique depends on the existing breast size. Making the
mild or moderate oversized breasts smaller and lighter is feasible by new techniques advented in recent years which leave a minimum scar circling the nipple and continuing vertically towards to crease below the breast. Although lactation reduces, mostly breast feeding may be feasible after pregnancy depending on the amount of removed excess tissue by using such techniques. The techniques used for reduction of larger breasts are different. In these techniques additional scar remains along the crease below the breast than explained former technique and breast feeding become impossible. The clarity of the scars depends on the age, genetic characteristics and skin quality, but not surgical technique. Remaining scars are usually not conspicuous on the patient with fair skin and good wound healing character.
Surgery is done in a hospital under general anesthesia and takes about 3-4 hours. You need 1-2 days hospitalization after surgery. Although surgery covers a large area on the body, severe pain as much as you feel discomfort is not usual, possible slight pain can easily be alleviated by medication. Breasts are over lifted at the surgery as considering they will reshape and sag by effect of gravity over the time. Swelling and slight bruising are natural results of the surgery. The feature of over lifted breasts with swelling and bruising may cause you to be disappointed and repented. But swelling will subside, bruising will disappear within 3 weeks, breast mass will begin to sag and reshape 4 weeks after surgery and scars will become paler and crease below the breast will become clear within a few months. Gaining the constant shape of the breast mass and reducing the scars take at least 6 months. The little problems which may manifest long term after surgery due to changing the equilibrium of the static forces on the skin surface such as slight displacement of nipple or conspicuous scar can easily be revised under local anesthesia.
Breast reduction is a surgery which leaves scar on the breast. Surgery is designed as minimum scar will remain on the breast for breast reduction in our clinic. Breast reduction improves the person’s both physical and psychological status. Of all plastic surgery procedures, breast reduction has one of the most immediate dramatic results. The chronic physical discomfort is gone, the body is better proportioned, and clothes fit better.

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