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Breast is an erogenous organ, symbolizing the femininity. Every women desire to have aesthetically beautiful shaped breasts. Underdevelopment of the breasts or weight loss may cause breast size smaller than normal. In such cases obtaining the fuller and larger breasts that appear more beautiful is feasible by the procedures aimed at breast enlargement. Quantity of enlargement is determined as considering the person’s desire, chest size and size of the existing breasts. When the implant placed into the breasts which are loosened, lost their volume and sagged; loosened breast tissue would sag again over the implant. In such cases, breast lift should be combined with implant placement.
The material used for breast enlargement is silicone prostheses. Silicone is not harmful material for human body. Silicone is an inert material which does not interact with body; and its molecular structure does not change after insertion. It is proven that there is no relationship between silicone and breast cancer.
Implants are divided into 2 groups according to their contents (filling material) inside the silicone shell:
1. Implants which include saline
2. Implants which include silicone
Implants are divided into 2 groups according to their shape:
1. Round implants: Hemisphere shaped round prostheses provides upper pole fullness as well after insertion.
2. Anatomic shaped implants: Tear drop shaped anatomic prostheses provides lower pole fullness. Their shape is more appropriate to natural breast shape.
Breast mass consists of fat tissue and breast glands. There is chest muscle under the breast, between breast gland and chest wall. Implants are placed either between breast gland and chest muscle (over the muscle) or between chest muscle and chest wall (under the muscle).
Prostheses can be placed using 3 different ways:
1- Around the nipple:
4 cm long skin cut is made on the lower half of the nipple circle. Approaching from around the nipple, traverses more normal tissue which will be disrupted including breast gland en route to the implant pocket. Disruption of normal tissues and breast gland may cause numbness of nipple and breast feeding failure after pregnancy. Skin cut heals as leaving an inconspicuous scar around the nipple
.2- The crease below the breast:
4 cm long skin cut is made either on the crease below the breast or the line which will be formed as crease below the breast. Skin cut heals as leaving an inconspicuous scar on the crease below the breast. When the prostheses inserted from the crease below the breasts, the normal tissues and breast gland are not disrupted. Thus this approach does not cause breast feeding failure after pregnancy. The probability of nerve damage is also quite low, so numbness of the nipple is not commonly observed.

3- Armpit:

1,5-2 cm long skin cut is made on the crease of the armpit, a tunnel is created towards to underneath the breast and prostheses are inserted through the tunnel. Prostheses are usually placed under the chest muscle by this way. The risk of the infection is significantly reduced by armpit approach especially prostheses is placed under the muscle. Because of the surgical cut is on the armpit, no scar occurs on the breasts. Scar on the armpit remains invisible. This technique does not damage the breast glands and sensational nerve, so breast feeding is feasible after pregnancy and numbness of nipple is unusual.
Personal factors affecting the quality of result:

Size of the existing breasts
The base diameters of each breast
Quality and adequacy of soft tissue coverage of the breasts Sagging of the breasts
Breast asymmetries
Skin elasticity
Developmental breast deformities

3 subjects should be discussed during the consultation:
1- Type of the appropriate implant
2- Insertion way of implant
3- Implant location. All details that you need including possible risks, advantages and disadvantages of each option will be explained and discussed with you.
Surgery is done in a hospital under general anesthesia. It takes 1-3 hours depending on the surgical technique. You may leave hospital the same or the next day after surgery. A compressive bandage is worn in first week. Because stitches are hidden, there are no visible stitches on the skin surface. You may return to routine life except heavy and tiring activities within 5-7 days after surgery.
Breast augmentation reliably increases the size of the breasts as well as possibly balancing body proportions. Clothes may fit better, and you may also experience an increase in confidence and self-esteem.

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