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Dalyan – Muğla – Turkey

Natural Sulphurous thermal water is used both in the swimming pool section which is situated within the 25,000 s.q.m. area of Thermemaris Hotel that has a water glider and also for mud baths along with other similar services. The sulphurous thermal water has a PH value of 6.2, and is close to the optimum value in terms of acids and alkalis. Selenium that has a rate of 0.002 reinforces the immunity system, is efficient in preventing and enhances your resistance against skin diseases. Composition of O2 with all minerals is of recuperative attitude in all tissues and mends the cartilage and bone structures.

MAGNESIUM : Repairs the skin’s cellular structure and controls the connection between the cells.
CALCIUM : Forms the nail, tooth and bone structure in the body and soothes the skin. Provides exchange of minerals on the skin and prevents the skin to become scurfy.
SODIUM : Adjusts the water content of the cells, gives energy to the skin and provides exchange between cells.
POTASSIUM : Balances the Water content of the body and provides comfort to the skin.
BROMIDE : Provides nutrition of the skin and helps better functioning of the muscles and nerves.
IODINE : Salt is an important substance for the body. It provides enactment of the spitting glands. The sulphur and ceratine in the body both give color to the skin and balances the moisture as well.

Sodium (Na) 5,425.640 – Potassium (K) 173,995 – Ammonium NH4) 0.480 – Magnesium (Mg) 468,840 – Calcium (Ca) 569.140 – Manganese (Mn) 0.870 – Chloride (Cl) 9,282.240 – Fluorite (F) 3,750 – Iron (Fe) 0.760 – Bromide (Br) 2,840 – Iodine (J) 0.125 – Sulphate (SO4) 1480 – Hydrogen Phosphate (HPO4) 2,200 Hydrogen Carbonate (HCO4) 797,880 – Selenium (S) 0.2

Apart from its richness in terms of iron, manganese and nickel, our Sulphurous Mud that contains a salt rate of 27% is used in the treatment of diseases such as fungus, acne and psoriasis. Since the mud used in our hotel for the purpose of beauty is one of the most preferred kind for mud bath methods, it’s called “Beauty Mud”. It works as a catalysor in the dissolution of subcutaneous tissue and has an aesthetician effect.

According to the Analysis Made by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health Izmir Public Health Institute, Environmental Health Department, Water Chemistry Laboratory, the Beauty Mud Contents found at our facility are as follows :
pH (in mud) 7.80 – Conductance 2.44 – Total Salt 26.25 – Total Sulphur 23.97 – Total Phosphorus 3.00 – Organic Material 6.65 – Copper (Cu) 17.00 – Iron (Fe) 60900.00 – Zinc (Zn) 30.00 – Total Chromium (Cr) 460.00 – Cadmium (Cd) 50.00 – Lead (Pb) 10.00
Nickel (Ni) 490.00

Programme For The Treatment Of Psoriasis
2 hours Fish Pool, 1 hour moss bath, 20 minutes shower, 20 minutes balneo, 20 minutes sunbath.

Hotel Thermemaris always shows its best efforts to consider the requirements of its guests. In order to keep up your physical fitness and maintain your body form, you can join various sport activities at the Wellness Center in our hotel. The Wellness Center, with its modern building structure and specialized staff is one of the most important features of the Thermemaris Hotel that can turn your holiday into a unique experience. You will not only have the opportunity to participate in various sports at this center, but can also drop by at the solarium center to obtain a smooth and pure skin.

The mud bath at our hotel is not the only factor that contributes to your beauty. The Beauty Center offers services to its guests with its professional staff… After the results of the consultations applied by the beauty experts and doctors are finalized, you can also make use of the following services offered by our beauty center: Deep cleansing of the skin and skin care, Eye care, Hand- feet care, Rubbing of the skin with a bath glove in a Turkish Bath, Massage by using Balneo & other skin cream extracts, Body peeling, Manicure and pedicure You may also enjoy our complete body massage service to relax your whole body and turn your vacation time into a delightful experience.

There are also 8 open swimming pools of various types and temperature and services such as mud baths and thallassectomi are also available for your health and beauty.

Is situated in an area covering 25,000 sq.m. along the coast where natural water resources are found and where Nile Turtles live. With its Villas, Aparts, Suits and Normal Rooms comprising of …units in total, and its thermal facilities, it also offers its guests all the comfort they need.

You may find in our Hotel : 1 Sultan Suite, 8 Junior Suite, 6 Aparts, 58 Standart Rooms, 2 Rooms For the Handicapped, 5 Villa Rooms, 5 Villas
Rooms on the third floor of our hotel have large balconies and it is possible to bathe on the balconies as well as in the bathrooms with thermal water.

There are a total of 4 restaurants at Thermemaris of which 2 are open and 5 bars located throughout various sections of the hotel.
* Lykia Restaurant (Closed, carrying a capacity of 609 people)
* Turquoise Restaurant (Closed, carrying a capacity of 80 people)
* Aqua Restaurant (Open)
* Yayla Restaurant (Open)


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