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In our clinic, abdominoplasty is done as creating natural contours and dimpling around the belly button similar to its original shape.
Once stretched by pregnancy or weight gain, the abdomen often fails to return to its original shape. Stretched beyond the capacity to return to normal, these tissues will also fail to respond to exercise or diet programs. In these cases, abdominoplasty can provide a long-lasting solution. Abdominoplasty (commonly called a tummy tuck) is a frequently performed procedure used to tighten overly stretched abdominal muscles and skin for a smoother, flatter appearance. Abdominoplasty can also be combined with liposuction.
The best candidates for abdominoplasty are:
In relatively good shape, except for the abdominal area
Not pregnant
Not severely overweight
Not planning to lose a considerable amount of weight
In good health
Wanting to improve their appearance and/or comfort
There are several different abdominoplasty techniques. The most common procedure is performed under general anesthesia. In the full abdominoplasty procedure, a skin cut is made across the lower abdomen, just above the pubic area. Another skin cut is made around the belly button to free the surrounding skin, and the all of the skin is separated from the abdominal wall. Then the surgeon pulls the loose muscles from the left and the right sides and sutures them together. This tightens the muscles to create a stronger abdominal wall and a smaller waist. Excess skin is removed, and a new opening is made for the belly button at the right position. The skin cuts are closed with stitches, and gauze is placed over the skin cuts.
If your only problem area is below the belly button, you may benefit from a less complex procedure called a mini-abdominoplasty. Or, your surgeon may recommend either a mini or complete abdominoplasty done in conjunction with liposuction to remove fat deposits from the hips, for a better body contour. Sometimes liposuction alone offers the best results.
Abdominoplasty generally takes about 3 hours, depending on the extent of the repair. Mini-abdominoplasty takes about 1 or 2 hours. 1-3 days stay after the surgery is most common. If the area of repair is minimal, you may be able to go home the same day. For the first few days, your abdomen will probably be swollen and you are likely to feel some pain and discomfort which can be controlled by medication. Depending on the extent of the surgery and the technique used, you may be released within a day. Bed rest for two to three days is recommended. While in bed, your legs should be bent at the hips in order to reduce the strain on the abdominal area. After about three days, you may begin light activities. Your doctor will give you instructions for showering and changing your dressings. And though you may not be able to stand straight at first, you should start walking as soon as possible. It may take you several weeks to feel completely back to normal. If you are in top physical condition, recovery will be much faster. Most people return to work after two weeks.
Not only excess skin is removed, natural dimpling similar to its original shape is also created around the belly button by our surgical techniques. Because of the surface stitches are absorbable, the stitches will not be removed. Scars will remain below the bikini line. For the first few months, scars would be manifest, and become inconspicuous as the time goes on. Undesirable scars that may form due to skin tension can be revised under local anesthesia.
As long as you keep your weight relatively constant, eat a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and follow your surgeon’s instructions about how to resume physical activity, the long-term results from this procedure are generally excellent.


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