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Thermal treatment center, furnishes its services with a wide ranging “Physiotherapy Center” under the supervision of specialist Doctors and Physiotherapists, and the “Aphrodite Thermal Cure Center”, which uses the natural therapy and thermal spring methods provided by alternative medicine.

Thermal Resort Oruçoğlu is a thermal spring and Physical Treatment Rehabilitation Center, patients from all over Turkey are transferred to our facility. Reports on Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation – Thermal Spring Cures applied to our local and foreign guests are prepared by our doctors on request.

According to the medical analysis report of Ministry of Health, Health Services Chief Management, dated 07.07.2005 and numbered 9853; the thermal water with 3117,75 mg/l mineral content; has the quality of a thermo-mineral water with sodium bicarbonate and fluoride.

Physical benefits of this water, which is delivered to all rooms are; Dispelling the symptoms of rheumatism sicknesses arising in the periods other than acute impulsive periods, overcoming the pain, chronic lumbago, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosis Spondylitis, articulation sicknesses like Osteo-arthritis, Miosis, Tendinitis, Trauma, Physiobromialgy syndrome.

It has scientifically been proved that this water dispels the pain and gains the life standards of the patients by removing the effects of rheumatism. Dispelling the articulation cramps and freezing, muscle roughness which may arise following the muscle-skeleton system operations, healing of the injuries on the bone tissue, long time immobility cases due to brain and nervous system operations and sports injuries.

Neurological sicknesses in the chronic era; In the cases of spasticism, cerebral palsy and polio, the most important issue is the rehabilitation of the patient. This rehabilitation process should be carried out in a proper environment, under the control of trained personnel. Analyses of Oruçoğlu Thermal Facilities’ water springs has shown that these springs are effective in such rehabilitation. Our therapists have proven their quality and success by the results maintained through the years.

Our hyper-thermal water has a facilitating effect on the medical treatments of skin diseases by means of physiochemical changes obtained due to hydrostatic diffusion and absorption.

Rehabilitation of hemiplegia, dispelling stress and balneological effects of general stress corruptions as in neurovegative dystonia. Healing applications within the context of “Wellness” concept is successfully applied.

The water has positive effects on the detoxification process by increasing the level of blood filtered by the kidneys thanks to its molecular and particular structure. The most important effect of the spring water on the skin is the acceleration of the blood circulation. As a result of this, positive changes in the hair structure and brightness are observed. Biological cell attrition is decelerated and aging effects are reduced.

BALNEOTHERAPY (Thermal Spring Cure)
Balneotherapy is a treatment method, which combines the elements of natural energy resources, gas, mineral water and silt with the climate features and the biological environmental effectiveness of the meteorological components of the area. Healing effects of the method on the organisms has been proved.
* 18 Baths (Specially designed for balneotherapy, thermal baths with complete and semi seating positions)
* 3 hot thermal spring pools
* 2 exercise pools

Usage of water as a treatment method internally or externally in solid, liquid and gas forms : Exercise Pool, Jacuzzi, Under Water Massage, Whirlpool

* Controlling any kind of disease using an electric current and dispelling the pain.
* Low Frequency Current (Diadynamy)
* Middle Frequency Current (Interference)
* High Frequency Current (Short Wave)
* Galvani- Faradic Current (4 Containers)
* Ultrasound

It is a treatment method executed by effecting the muscle-skeleton, nervous and circulation systems by systematic manipulations applied over the skin. The method is applied to supplement the treatment of such illnesses.
Total Massage
This massage, including the complete body, increases the tenuous blood and lymph flow, and blood flow to the muscles. It has a relaxing, tranquillizer and calming affect. Lasts for 30 minutes.
Local massage
A slow and rhythmic hand massage applied to a particular area of the body. Increases the speed of the blood circulation on the area on which it is applied. It has healing effects. Lasts for 15 minutes.
Cellulite Massage
Increases the relaxation in the muscles and blood circulation speed. By the help of the cellulite massage, fats that are collected in the lymph heads are disposed out of the body by sweating and urine. Lasts for 15 minutes.
Treatment Massage
This is applied to the specified parts of the body and includes different techniques depending on the pathology. It is specified for treatment.
Face And Neck Massage
This massage type, aiming at increasing the blood circulation on the face, avoids wrinkles, protects the skin and helps to avoid the pockets under the eyes when applied periodically. It is an ideal painkiller for headaches.

Mud bath (pelotherapy), which is one of the surface temperature agents, is a subsidiary method for preparing the patients for exercises, massage and physiotherapy. Here is the mud bath applied by the world famous soil of Afyon and a hygienic technique :
* All chronic degenerative rheumatic illnesses
* Disposing the toxins out of the body by sweating
* Cellulite, bursitis and muscle pains by absorbing from the pores with anti-inflammatory effect
* Degenerative articulation sicknesses (All kinds of calcification)
* It is effective in the softening of the muscles by means of relaxing and calming and prepares for exercise.
* Besides all these; static electric collected in the body is disposed and the body is relaxed.

We have been furnishing services in SPA and Wellness Centers at Thermal Resort Oruçoğlu, with a professional and warm personnel. Do not forget “There is no such thing as ugly woman, there is only uncared woman.” Take some time for yourself… You will feel better.
Skin Care
At the beauty saloon in Aphrodite Thermal Cure Center; we provide a clean and well cared skin with natural products and the anti-aging effect of the thermal water. First, the pores are opened by a steam bath. Acnes are cleaned by a Komedon device. The skin is cleaned from make-up and dead cell layer. It is cleaned with a moss mask. The skin, supported by several natural masks, is then tightened with tonic. Face and neck massage is applied by creams changing according to the skin type. Hot Frequency is applied for the clearance of the infected pimples and disinfection of the skin. The result: Your skin will have a soft, clean and smooth look in 45-60 minutes.
Hair and Nails
After skin care is completed, now it is turn for the hair and fingers. If you want to apply the hair care consisting of 10 different saps and supporting ampoules, just visit our coiffeur… A special formula maintained by mixing the natural saps with vitamins, supporting and strengthening combinations is applied to the hair. Hair care, supported by the thermal water, prevents hair fall, enlivens and strengthens the hair bottoms. It strengthens the hair, makes them brighter, prevents hair fall and dandruff.

It is a new application at Oruçoğlu. Princess skin care is an internationally referenced skin care and is the choice of those who want the best. Aestheticians will choose the skin care best fit for you considering the skin. The phases are:
First, gels containing active contents are applied. The gel that is ideal for your skin is selected. Then these products are deep penetrated into the skin by the help of galvanic current. After this process, the skin becomes as absorbing as a sponge. The skin absorbs the humidifier and other products that are applied more easily.
High Frequency (Enlivening the Cells)
The face is covered with a gauze dressing and alternative current is applied by the help of an electrode. This operation creates a microcirculation and provides oxygen for the cells.
Lifting Massage (More smoothness)
It is a relaxing and hand massage applied on the skin and it increases circulation. The massage, applied with a tightening serum and a comforting gel, is applied with soft movements. It comforts the skin and makes it brighter.

We have a number of success stories maintained in our slimming center. Besides, you can have a tasteful vacation by the help of special Oruçoğlu diet menus without staying hungry.
Slimming Programs
Selftron Current, Cellulite Massage, Moss and Mud Bath Paraffin, Selfdoyn and Selftron Currents are personalized. Thanks to these programs, loose muscles are strengthened, the body is put in a shape, passive gymnastics is provided and inter-muscular fats are burned and carried to the lymphs. The toxins are disposed from the body by sweating and urinating. With these programs, the body gets tougher and thinner. In three days, you will be 1 to 3 cm thinner and 1 to 3 kg lighter. The program lasts for 1,5 to 2 hours. It is recommended for a minimum period of 7 days. The results vary according to the person and the metabolism.
Shock Slimming
The body is surrounded by elastic bandages that have been kept in a special mud. The person is dressed in a special dress. It lasts for one hour. This slimming method straightens the soft and loose parts of the body. It heals the deformed parts and cracks which have appeared due to cellulites, fast slimming and pregnancy. Dead cells and toxins are disposed from the body and the person gets one dress size thinner in one hour.

Our sports center is free of charge and available 24 hours a day.

Distance to the closest airport : Ankara (257 km), Antalya (288 km), Izmir (350 km), Afyonkarahisar (14 km)
Closest hospital : Afyon Kocatepe University Hospital (5 km), State Hospital (15 km)

Mini buses go to the city center every ten minutes and the hotel has periodic shuttle services. Taxi can be requested from the city center.

This thermal region, historically known as the “Healing Phrygia”, has been healing people for hundreds of years. In 1992 Thermal Resort Oruçoğlu Hotel, a modern facility, has started its services as the first private sector thermal facility in Turkey. The moment you enter Oruçoğlu Thermal Hotel, you will be welcomed by its the warm personnel and unique Anatolian hospitality. This hospitality and warm service will be with you until the end of your vacation. While having your tea at the large, comfortable and day-lighted botanic lobby, you will realize that you have made the right choice for your thermal vacation.

Rooms : 330, Beds : 800, Elevators : 8. Our hotel also includes 3 special rooms for the handicapped.
All rooms have; Thermal Water, Satellite Tv. Air Conditioner, Mini Bar, Shower – Bath Tab, Cash Vault, Bathrobe and Towels, Central Heating, Toilet, Carpet

Here are some of the available activities for your spare times : Outdoor and Indoor Thermal Swimming Pools, Separate Swimming Pools for Ladies and Gentlemen, Special Family Baths with Jacuzzi and Sauna, Jacuzzi, Sauna, 120 Meters Long Water Skiing, Swimming Pools for Children, Botanic Cafe, Billiards and Table Tennis, Game Halls, Cinema Hall, Panorama Bar, Walking Routes and Garden, Mini Library, Play Room for Children, Internet Cafe, Play Station, Disco, Eastern Site

Thermal Resort Oruçoğlu Hotel is willing to give you a perfect service for your conference and meeting organizations, product launches and presentations, motivation meetings, administrative board meetings, congresses, fashion shows and weddings. If you want an extraordinary organization and provide a thermal and healthy atmosphere for your guests, this is the address. Our hotel will be pleased to serve you with its entertainment, health, healing and thermal facilities; its unique Anatolian hospitality and professional staff.

We also care for your children. We have a playing room, swimming pools, indoor water skiing (120 m), game place, bicycles, play station, an Internet Cafe and even a feast for your children. While they are having fun, you can rest.

Thermal Resort Orucoglu / Afyonkarahisar – Turkey

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