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Gönen Thermals (Spa) is a real thermal waters in fact. There are lots of diseases which are treated. Thermal waters developing as a result of underground accumulation and heating of “juvenile” waters with magmata origin, depending on structural and litological characteristics of underground layers, or “vadose” waters with tectonic and athmospheric roots under high pressure and fluids which consist of vapor and hot gases developing in similar ways are defined as “Geothermal energy sources”.

There is thermal waters in all rooms of Gönen Thermal Hotels.The properties of thermal waters have capacity of 100 lt/sec, thermo – minerals between 77°C – 78°C, 2 gr in 1 Lt salty, sulfate, bicarbonate which can used as exircises in thermal swimming pools, stream baths, drinks cures.Gönen Spa water is mixed minarel water consisiting of sulfate, chloride, bicarbonate, sodium and various minerals and proved to be useful on the treatment of following ilnesses through bath inhalation applications and drinking. In addition, they must apply with climate condations.

Gönen Thermal Hotels (Spa) have very big agreement and corparation with University of İstanbul of Medical Faculty, are being under controlling of this Medical Faculty. Although Gönen Thermal hotels are a thermal cure center.

There are Doctors (Balneolog & Physicianest) who are professional in thermal Spa treatment. They treat lots of ilnesses with a treatment programs such as, rheumatism, circulation problems, neuralgia, neuropathy ilnesses, chronic urethra ilnesses, stomach-intestine problems. Muscle rigidity commonly seen after surgery and accidents, various types of rheumatism and calfification. Defiritive characteristics preventing one from getting older, mental stess, gastro-intestinal problems, pregeriatric and pearthrosis effects, the simulation of the gonads and hormonal regulation.


Although it is a term with Western language origin, it is a word frequently used in our language. Used as a term meaning “benefiting from the thermal springs, sea water and climate provided that some certain rules are observed”.

Thermal Cure

Thermal cure includes the treatment by hot mineral water or hot sea water and cure for therapy purposes.

Balneo Therapy : Cure through spa water.

Thalasso Therapy : Cure through hot or normal sea water and sea climate.

Climate Therapy : Living in healthy climate and climate cure.

Hydrology : Bath or hydraulics science.

Hydro Therapy : Cure through fresh water.

Social Cure : Spa, sea and climate cure services rendered for no profit and to protect workforce and health and facilities established for this purpose are considered as “Social cure” or “Social thermalism”.

Special Cure : Spa, sea and climate cures and such services to remain healty. On special cure services, supply and demand rule of economy applies. People in need for cure choose the cure place according to their purchasing power and preferences and make the necessary payments.


* Muscle rigidity commonly seen after surgery and accidents.

* Various types of rheumatism and calcifacation.

* Defiritive characteristics preventing one from getting older.

* Pregeriatric and pearthrosis effects,the simulation of the gonads and hormonal regulation.

* The regulation of bood content.

* Gyneclogical diseases, liver,gall bladder diseases and convalescence period.

* Mental Stress.

* Children’s development disorders.

* Gastro-intestinal problems.


Doctor Treatment, Interior of Joints and local injections, Short wave Diatermi, Electricity-Diaognostic Test, Radar, Injection, Ultrasonic, Tension Control, Diadinami Sedimantation, Urine and diabetes test, Galvano Faradi, Mekanoteraphy, Enfraruj, Joint functions Ultraviole Vibrator Treatment, Servical Traksition, Bath Katedar, Sauna, Local Paraffin bath, General Massage in underground, Acupuncture, Pools with bath, X-raying, Pools with hot water and Turkish bath, General Massage, Local Massage


Plant & Flower Baths

Phytottherapy – Effects Of Flower : There is iodine in the fibers of plant,which has proven to be effective.At the same time ,the healing effect of the plant and thermal factor of the water is benefical for astenic neurosis, ithing, phyla, stomach and intestinal athony, in the first phase of neurotic high blood pressure, neurove, etholive liotony, post-menopause and post-andropause diseases.

Curing ingredients of plants regulate the circulation due to its asodilatation effect and protects the body againts harmful substances providing that they are extracted from the body and improves the metabolism. Plant prepared in thermal water has anti-inflammatory effect on rheumatoid arthritis, neurite and neuralgia. At the same time, it is also quite effective againts stress. It assures relaxation and resting through its sedative effect. It provides that the skin becomes healthy and soft when skin diseases are in question (additionally, a beautiful smell is acquired through special aromas).

Foam Bath

The person feels fitter and relaxed through the bursting of air bubbles on the skin andalso the regulation of circulation is provided in the bath full’ of thermal water. Due to this, foam bath is applied on stress and stress-related diseases, irregular circulation, insomnia, neurosis, depression, peripheral circulation irregularities, postmenopause diseases, impotence and obesity. Related Ares : Insomnia Neurosis, Depression, Peripheral circulation irregularities, Post-menopause diseases, Impotence, Obesity, Stress problems.

Mud Bath (Cold And Hot Mud Applications)

Mud have radioactive content and include high amount of carbon monoxide. Due to these characteristics, it is effective on skin health, skin diseases, stress, obesity and rheumatic diseases. It is used in all chronic and degenerative rheumatic diseases. It regulates nervous system, improves regional superficial blood circulation, and has analgesic, sedative and muscle-relaxant antiinflammatory effect. Cellulite, bursitis, muscle pains, degenerative rheumatic diseases, calcification, low back problems, chronic vulva inflammation are indicated.

Peloids facilitate the extraction of toxic substances from the body by assisting the ion involvement and transformation. Besides its skin-stretching characteristics, peloids which are argued to have antibacterial effect have also effects similar to estrogen hormone. Temperature loss is completely prevented in mud bath. Increase in urination is observed due to an improvement in kidney functions during mud bath. Mud develops depending on mineral waters, sea and lake waters and has organic “live”, inorganic “non-living” characteristics.

Depending on the physical and chemical conditions of the environment, it acquires hot or cold radioactive etc. characteristics. This kind of mud is called “Pelloid”. Except for natural formations, Fango-Parafango etc. mud is obtained through mixing paraffin with volcanic elements and loess having sulfurous, clay and slity ingredients under certain conditions.

Galvanic Bath

It is used as local or general. It has technical and electrical factor effect. This effect regulates and improves local and general circulation. Application of sm”oth galvanic current to the person in the water is used for multiple joint rheumatic problems, circulation irregularities, coping with stress, cellulite treatment and relaxation due to its regulatory effect.

Paraffin Bath

It is effective in terms of its thermal factor. Paraffin bath improves local circulation. Only local application is made. It is beneficial for rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis, calcification (osteoarthritis = arthrosis) post-fracture and post-twist diseases. Using its temperature, it is also applied in chronic phases of rheumatic problems and muscle and joint diseases.

Indications : Chronic rheumatism (spondylitis, arthritis, polyarticular rheumatism), Twist, Chronic Osteomyelitis (bone inflammation), Neuritis

Neural, To prepare the joint in distrophic sekellerm aches after bone fractures, Poliomyelitis. At the end of cures each kind of rheumatic diseases, calcification, sciatica, lumbago, wrist aches, joint and muscle aches are treated.

Milk Bath

It provides the nutrition of the skin, improvement of circulation, relaxation of the person. Additionally, it is applied to provide a softer, healthier and fresher skin and acquire eutroptic benefit.


There are bus services from istanbul, Ankara, İzmir to Gönen everday. There are ferryboat services to Bandırma. Train services are just between İzmir and Bandırma.There are flight services from İstanbul and İzmir in international airport, from Balıkesir-Bandırma in military airport, from Bursa in regional airport.


Gönen Thermal Hotels are situated in a very big green park which has 70.000 m2 surface area ,where are far 300 meters in City Center. There are three hotels which are belongs to Gönen Thermal Hotels in this big and wonderful green park. These hotels names orderely are Yıldız Thermal Hotel (4*), Yeşil – Derman Thermal Hotel and Güneş Thermal Hotel (4*). Yıldız Thermal Hotel has capacity of 207 Rooms and 400 Beds, Yeşil-Derman Thermal Hotels has capacity of 116 Rooms and 239 Beds, Güneş Thermal Hotel has capacity of 57 Rooms and 114 Beds. In fact,Gonen thermal hotels have total capacity of 380 Rooms,753 Beds.

There is Thermal waters in all rooms of Gönen thermal hotels. Gönen Thermal Hotels have 160 private Bath Cabins, Historical baths which were from Ottoman empire and Byzantine Empire, Outdoor Swimming Pools, Turkish Bath-Thermal Swimming pool, special treatment pools, Sauna.


Twin Rooms

The Twin rooms have comfortable beds, satellite system tv, decorative furnitures,private bath and balcony. Thermal waters can be used 24 hours in your private bathroom with bathtub.

Double Rooms

The Double rooms have comfortable beds, satellite system tv, decorative furnitures, private bath and balcony.Thermal waters can be used 24 hours in your private bathroom with bathtub.

Triple Rooms

The Triple rooms have comfortable beds, Satellite system tv, decorative furnitures, private bath and balcony. Thermal waters can be used 24 hours in your private bathroom with bathtub.


There are two restaurants which are 600 Pax capacity for Lunch and Dinner,and 250 Pax capacity for breakfast.There is a marvellous athmosphere with live music and delicous foods which are prepared famoust Turkish Kithchens and Turkish cooks.In addition,You can contunie of entertainment near the swimming pool with live music.


Volleyball area ,basketball area,tennis courts.


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