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This very Historic Spa has a wonderful setting. The climate is perfect. Turkish hospitality is unequaled. And now we’ve installed the best Health Sector architecture, facilities and equipment too.

Spring 1
pH : 8.16, Specific Gravity : 1000, K+ (mg/Lt) : 2.4, Na+ (mg/Lt) : 115, NH4+ (mg/Lt) : 0.1, Ca++ (mg/Lt) : 72.7, Mg++ (mg/Lt) : 20.1, Fe (Total) (mg/Lt) : 0.1, (Total) (mg/Lt) : 0.03, B (Total) (mg/Lt) : 3.1, Li+ (mg/Lt) : 0.4, SiO2 (mg/Lt) : 26, HCO3- (mg/Lt) : 353, CO3- (mg/Lt) : 33, SO4- (mg/Lt) : 95.5, Cl- (mg/Lt) : 64.9, S- – (mg/Lt) : 0.1, NO2- (mg/Lt) : 0.01, NO3 – (mg/Lt) : 4.2, PO4 – – – (mg/Lt) : 0.01
Spring 2
pH : 8.87, Specific Gravity : 1000, K+ (mg/Lt) : 31, Na+ (mg/Lt) : 420, NH4+ (mg/Lt) : 0.48, Ca++ (mg/Lt) : 17.2, Mg++ (mg/Lt) : 1.36, Fe (Total) (mg/Lt) : 0.1, (Total) (mg/Lt) : 0.48, B (Total) (mg/Lt) : 12.6, Li+ (mg/Lt) : 1.6, SiO2 (mg/Lt) : 33.5, HCO3- (mg/Lt) : 483, CO3- (mg/Lt) : 64, SO4- (mg/Lt) : 180, Cl- (mg/Lt) : 231, S- – (mg/Lt) : 0.1, NO2- (mg/Lt) : 0.01, NO3 – (mg/Lt) : 0.2, PO4 – – – (mg/Lt) : 0.01
Spring 3
pH : 8.45, Specific Gravity : 1001, K+ (mg/Lt) : 28.4, Na+ (mg/Lt) : 375, NH4+ (mg/Lt) : 0.61, Ca++ (mg/Lt) : 16.1, Mg++ (mg/Lt) : 10.4, Fe (Total) (mg/Lt) : 0.1, (Total) (mg/Lt) : 0.15, B (Total) (mg/Lt) : 11.3, Li+ (mg/Lt) : 1.4, SiO2 (mg/Lt) : 60, HCO3- (mg/Lt) : 695, CO3- (mg/Lt) : 0, SO4- (mg/Lt) : 165, Cl- (mg/Lt) : 206, S- – (mg/Lt) : 0.1, NO2- (mg/Lt) : 0.01, NO3 – (mg/Lt) : 0.2, PO4 – – – (mg/Lt) : 0.01

* Inflammatory Rheumatic Diseases (Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Collagen Tissue Diseases etc.)
* Degenerative Joint Diseases (Arthrosis, Calcinosis)
* Rheumatic Muscle and Soft Tissue Diseases (Fibromyalgia, Periarthritis, Tendinitis, Bursitis, Epicondylitis etc.)
* Bone-Metabolism Diseases (Osteoporosis, Gout, Paget’s Disease etc.)
* Orthopedic and Neurological Rehabilitation (Fractures, paralysis, MS, CP, Parkinson etc)
* Post-Polio Syndrome
* Sports problems and accidents
* Sport defects and rehabilitation
* Physiological motivation and body health exercise programs
* Geriatric Training and Rehabilitation Programs

If you suffer from the following related conditions, new treatments may not be safe. Check with us!
* Serious heart, liver, lung, kidney insufficiencies and diseases
* Hypertension and diabetes mellitus that are not under control
* Acute infections
* Cancers
* Serious problems circulation defects
* Rheumatic diseases in their active phase

11 Doctors, 20 Physiotherapist, 15 Nurses, 13 Masseurs and Masseuses, 1 Laboratory Technician, 1 X-Ray Technician

Diagnosis, Balneotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Electrotherapy, Paraffin and Mud, Kinezitherapy, Massage, Occupational Therapy, Dental Clinic, Beauty Center

This type of treatment is consisting of a session treatment having a proved effect on the organism where the biologic environment effectiveness integrated with the underground thermomineral water, gas, mineral water and the mud involving the organic elements as the natural energy source, the climate conditions specific to the district and the meteorological concerns.
* 56 Cell Bath (Whole and partial sitting thermal baths specially designed by the purpose of thermotheraphy)
* 3 swimming pool at different sizes
* 3 Thermal Jacuzzi at different sizes

Medical Examination : Examination by Physical Treatment and Rehabilitation Specialist
Paraffin bath : One joint- one session
Balneotherapy : Basins with mineral containing thermal water
Kinezitherapy : Individual Exercises in the pool
Electrotherapy : 1 device/1 session : Treatment with currents and ultrasound
Physiotherapy package : Gymnastics, exercises together with a physiotherapist
Actinotherapy : Treatment with IR, UV and light
Hydrotherapy : Underwater massage or Whirlpool, Jacuzzi
Local manual massage : Local massage by hand
General manual massage : General massage by hand

Full Package Physical Treatment
Full Package physical treatment includes 5 treatments after the doctor examination : Electrotherapy, Paraffin, Massage, Hydrotherapy, Physiotherapy
Mini Package
Mini Package includes 3 treatments : Paraffin Massage, Hydrotherapy, Thermalpool

10 Examination Rooms, Laboratory (Hemogram (18 Parameter), Sedimentation, ASO, CRP, RF, Complete Urine analysis, Blood glucose, Biochemical analysis ( Urea, Creatinine, SGOT,SGPT, AP, Cholesterol, Trigliserid etc.), X-ray, Emergency and EKG Room, Meeting Hall, Library, Computer and Archive room, 24 Hour Ambulance service

This type of treatment requires to use the water in the form of solid, liquid or gas conditions as the treatment tool to be applied as interior and outer effect to the body : Exercise pool, Jacuzzi, Underwater Massage, Whirlpool, Jet-bath, Vichy bath, Mani-Jet, Pedi-Jet, Contrast Bath

It is used to control the treatment and the aches by applying the electrical current on any disease or defect : Low frequency current (Diadynami), Middle frequency current (Interference), High frequency current (Short-wave), Galvanic- Farady Current (4-Cell), TENS, Ultrasound, Fluidotherapy

These activities are the complete exercise programs (physiotherapy) to be used for the treatment of the physical defects arising under various diseases : 2 Exercise halls, 3 Exercise pools, 3 Specific Exercise – Rehabilitation Hall

This treatment method is used to have an effect on the skin through the systematical manipulations and to have the contribution to the treatment of the mentioned diseases. Local massage rooms towards the treatment.

Occupational Therapy
This method aims to provide the people with the treatment through any physical or psychological occupation.
* Ergotheraphy Hall
* Hobby Room (Drawing, Ceramic, wood-glass painting, fabric printing, embroidery, glass decoration etc.)

Dental Clinic
Sun Dental Clinic is included within the body of Balçova Thermal Hotel Physiotherapy Center. Our clinic offers you the treatment with the best under the strict hygienic requirements with the central air conditioning system, advance technology products and calming decoration. We have been providing thousands of our guests with the service from many European countries particularly from Norway, Denmark and Germany for more than 10 years. Our expert staff shall also have a great pleasure to serve you in respect of the dental health.

* Fix prosthesis – Porcelain curon and dental bridges
* Movable prosthesis – (Total prosthesis, partial prosthesis and sensitive prosthesis)
* Cosmetic Dental Treatment – (Tooth whitening and composite fillings)
* Endodonti (tooth canal treatment)
* Periodontology (Gum defects and treatment)
* Surgical operations (extracting, various operations of 20th age tooth due to structure, apical recession) Implantology

Beauty and Aesthetics Centre
We render a variety of services to our clients at our SPA and Wellness Centre Thermal Hotel through our professional team trained as specialists in their field. Combining healthy diagnosis, perfect service and constant follow-up principles with the capabilities of high technology, our centre is now sharing its experience of a quarter century with the guests of Crea Club. Come here and enjoy sharing this privilege with us.
Skin Care
At our unisex serving centre, you can easily eliminate the results of agents such as air pollution, sunshine and cigarette smoke which are affecting your skin negatively. Get know the moss-mud and special dermatological cosmetic products with moisturizing, skin tightening, and treating properties and impart spring freshness to your skin.
Lose Weight
Thank to the capabilities presented by the modern technology like special cure massages, jet shower, LPG and Presser, now it is very easy to get rid of cellulite and excessive weights… The only thing required to have a charming body is to save some time for yourself.
Let your inner energy flow have a healthy balance and renew your soul body with far eastern relax, point, touch, hot stone, reflexo and ayurveda massages which are applied with special aroma therapeutic oils.
Manicure, Pedicure, Epilating
Everything you need for hand and foot care and beauty is presented to you by tailor-made solutions. Nail decoration and implant nail choices besides Hand + foot care, manicure, pedicure and epilating will make you feel different and free.
Spa, the healthy living and permanent beauty trend of the 21st century, enables the body to get rid of dead cells, toxin removal, regulation of circulation, getting natural minerals like magnesium, sulfide, calcium and potassium. Get know the Crystal Bath, Vichy and Avussion Shower and discover the miracle of SPA.
Enjoy the fun of challenging time with capillary treatment, botox and Resitiling (filling) methods as well as mark and trace removing applications conducted in our centre under the supervision of specialist doctors. In addition, get have a silky soft and smooth skin with needle – epilating – laser epilating

We’re only 500 meters from a University Hospital and from Shopping Complexes; 8 km from Izmir City Centre; 26 km from Izmir International Airport and about 90 km from Ephesus, Sardis and Bergama Classical, Historic Cities! Izmir Center 8 km, Adnan Menderes International Airport 25 km, Çeşme 90 km, Istanbul (airport) 1 hour, Ankara (airport) 1 hour , Oslo (airport) 3,5 hours, Munich (airport) 3,5 hours

Balçova Spa Hotel, with it’s Integrated Thermal Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre, is unsurpassed in Europe. We meet all International Standards with our qualified personnel, standards of hygiene and medical architecture. And its all in an exquisite setting with a perfect climate. 204 standard rooms with a capacity of 408 beds, 4 Luxury Suites, 24 specially equipped rooms for handicapped people.
Room Facilities
Hot spring water, Hair-dryer, Split level air-conditioner, Telephone, Television, Radio, Minibar, Safe, SOS and fire alarm system, Radiator. We have anti-static rooms for allergenic and asthmatic persons. Specially furnished rooms for patients with severe rheumatism and other handicaps.

Kardelen Covered Meeting Hall : Holds up to 1000 guests for all sorts of meetings and receptions.
Governor Husseyn’s Garden : The garden is at your service for any special outdoor occasions such as ceremonies and dinners between May 19 and September 30
Cocktail Garden : Between May and September, you can relax here next to the swimming pool.

We offer you delicious and healthy food from our exclusive kitchens. Really savour your food; indoors, or outdoors in the quietness of nature! We’re ready to welcome you. We’re offering you the highest standards and unique tastes of both Turkish and International styles of cooking.
Agamemnon Restaurant : Capacity up to 250 guests. Open from 19:00- 23:30. Try our delicious cooking in the Turkish style; One of the world’s finest cuisines.
The Garden Restaurant : Eat outdoors. Eat in the Turkish style. Or eat ‘International’. Enjoy Izmir’s lovely climate! Enjoy those unique, warm, balmy Izmir evenings after the heat of the day. Be healthy and relaxed. Enjoy nature at her best all summer long. Enjoy a special gourmet experience!

CAFE AND BAR : Our cafes and bars are open from 7am to 11.30pm daily all year round. They’re small. Maximum 20 customers. So they can be perfect for those special moments!


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